Four Days in Washington, DC (photos)

Another late photo post – this time, of my four-day trip to Washington, DC!

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I’m going to Washington, DC in November!

When I started my new job in April, I was excited to learn that I would have almost two weeks for vacation this year – woohoo! Naturally, the next question to come to mind was “so what do I do with those days?”

I first thought about a week in London in October or November to ease me back to traveling abroad (it’s been six years since I last traveled abroad), but traveling alone (which I had done before) doesn’t appeal to me much anymore. I really want to travel with another person, because I want to be able to share memories and experiences with someone instead of having it only to myself and not having that connection. But I will build myself up to traveling alone again, and with a longer time of saving money, I will plan to travel to London next year in April or early May.

In October, my full week off from work, will be spent as a staycation – but I’ll get some retail therapy done in that week, as well as craft to my heart’s content for an upcoming craft show. I’ll also get to spend time with my baby nephew, so that will be nice.

Since I am postponing London, I still wanted to go somewhere this year… so how about our nation’s capital! And, to make it even better, a neighbor will be going with me – we were chatting about my vacation goals about two weeks ago, and when I mentioned that I was taking a long weekend off in November to go to Washington DC alone, she offered to come along with me! We will be going on Veterans Day weekend (Thursday through Monday).

And now, my dear readers…

I’d love some suggestions for sightseeing (like maybe some lesser-known spots), dining, etc in Washington, DC. I would also greatly appreciate hints and other suggestions for our stay in the city. I want to plan a visit to the White House, and I read online that there’s a process to schedule a visit and whatnot. Later this week my neighbor and I are meeting to choose our hotel and our travel to/from DC (I don’t want to drive there and we’re both fine with walking everywhere in the city).

Thank you in advance for your help and ideas! 🙂

D-Day Conneaut – August 19, 2017

My dad and I have wanted to visit this event for a few years – but either we forgot about it until it had recently passed on the calendar (I sometimes have a poor sense of time), or weather wasn’t cooperative. Last year it was my sister’s Masters graduation. But goodness gracious, nothing was keeping us away this year!

D-Day Conneaut is an annual reenacting event in Conneaut, Ohio – along Lake Erie and near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Around 1,500 reenactors represent both sides of the war, and approximately 40,000 people visited this three-day event.

In the morning my dad and I caught The Battle for La Fiere, and we explored the various camps to see camp life. My dad is a gunsmith hobbyist, so he was always excited to talk guns with several folks. We also ran into someone I know from college (who I believe is the person who first informed me about the world of reenacting; he does WWII and Civil War), and it was nice to chat with him for a bit. Lots of walking, and we walked along Lake Erie (I’ve never been to what people typically think of when they hear “beach” [like Florida], but this shore was a beach and I’ll take it) before catching another little event, the Maquis Attack. The last and main event was the Normandy beach landing, which was beyond impressive with planes, tanks, watercraft, and all the soldier-reenactors on the field. Unfortunately I was sitting at the embarkation end of the coast, and trees were blocking my view of the combat and landing at the other end. I’m determined to stake out a better view next year!

Now that I’ve been to a few events like this, I’m still absolutely amazed by the reenactors. They know SO MUCH and their research and knowledge is clearly evident in their passion for sharing their information and the detail they put into everything. It would definitely be a fascinating hobby to enter, but I would probably feel overwhelmed with all the history and stuff to learn! I really ought to chat with some reenactors to learn how they entered this hobby.

I highly recommend this event if you’re interested in WWII history and reenacting events. The event is very well organized and is free to visit (they solely rely on donations, and donation buckets/people are all over the park to accept donations).

Click here to view the website, and take note of dates for the next few years. 🙂

I took a ton of photos (440) and whittled it down to this selection so that you can get a glimpse of what my dad and I experienced. All taken with my Nikon s9600. I had to really push my camera’s zoom for the beach landing, but it was decent.

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