Easter 2016 Selfie


I know, I know. I stink at updating this blog. But here is my bright Easter Sunday outfit for church. The skirt is from ModCloth, the tank is from Target, and the blazer is from Maurices. I love that the skirt is bright, floral, and perfect for twirling as it’s a circle skirt 🙂 The yellow is also a new color for me to wear, so I’m trying to find ways to wear it.

… we’ll see if I wait another few months before my next post haha

Me, 11 Aug 2014 (photo)



… because I had to be weird two Sundays ago with my selfies and make weird facial expressions like this. I usually prefer to be behind my camera, but something bizarre must have possessed me that morning to want to get some new photos of myself taken. 

(And I still love my new glasses, even though I’ve had them for nearly a month.)

Got some haikus scribbled on a scrap of paper. I’ll get to sharing them this week.