“Battle for Brimfield” – June 4, 2016

Yesterday my dad and I checked out the “Battle for Brimfield” event in Brimfield OH. It was a very small Civil War reenacting event, as it was the first time for this event to be held at its location, but we still very much enjoyed it.

When we got there, we walked around the grounds to see the tents, and then we listened to a Union soldier talk about the daily life of a soldier. At 11am we watched a skirmish demonstration, as the larger battle would be in the afternoon. Afterwards, we talked with some reenactors of the 27th Virginia Co. G “Shriver Grays” and I got some contact information since I may be interested in participating as a civilian, which is something I’ve been considering and may finally do.

We had a good time, and I hope that the event returns to Brimfield next year and grows!

This event was located in Brimfield OH, on State Route 43, just south of I-76 (you can see the freeway from the fields where we were). It was on the big field behind the McDonald’s and Speedway.

To read about the 27th Virginia, Co. G “Shriver Grays” group, click here to go to their website.

The event schedule, click here.

To see Brimfield’s Chamber of Commerce article, click here.

Oh. And you probably want pictures… so, here you go! (Also, I love that slideshows now exist on WP [did this option exist before?] to help keep this post from looking too too long haha)

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A weekend back in time: the Hale Farm Civil War Reenactment

Last month I attended an annual Civil War reenactment weekend at Hale Farm and Village, in Bath, Ohio. It was for two days, but I only attended its Sunday activities. They had artillery demonstrations, camp chase fifes, reenactments of some events, and some lectures/presentations throughout the weekend.

When I first arrived at 10am, I made my way to the reenactment of the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia to the Army of the Potomac at Appomattox. I walked through some civilian and army camps, then attended a small and fascinating presentation on photography during the Civil War and how to use the camera of that time. Abraham Lincoln gave a speech (I caught half of it, sadly). They had a Sutler’s Row, where I bought an 1849 Godey’s Lady’s Book, so a) it’s another old book to add to my collection and b) it has many plates of mid-19th-century fashions. I also bought another modern book with more Godey’s images, but from the Civil War years. I watched some of the camp chase fifes, then moseyed over to the battlefield. At 2pm, the Battle of Appomattox Courthouse.  (yes, I linked to a Wiki haha)

I attended this same event last year, which was my first reenactment experience ever. I loved it, and I knew that I wanted to go again this year. I would love to sew a gown eventually because I love various antique and folk clothing; I’ve been collecting pictures of ideas for a while already. I enjoy reading about history, and I like to learn new things. I would love to learn more about the Civil War. I ought to learn to set aside time in my evenings to read books rather than putz around online, haha. But wow, there is SO MUCH out there to learn and read about the Civil War, that I almost don’t know where to begin! Besides the battles and such, I also want to learn about society, etiquette, clothes, even cooking and everyday home life.

I’m not adding captions because now I feel a bit lazy haha. I hope you enjoy! And if you have a Civil War event near you next summer, I highly encourage you to attend!

Next year I am hoping to attend a WW2 event at Conneaut along Lake Erie, this Hale Farm weekend again, and then a big Civil War event in Zoar OH – I think I read somewhere that a couple will be getting married (legit, real-thing) there, in pure 1860s fashion!

Now, the photos:

DSCN1357 DSCN1361 DSCN1372 DSCN1375 DSCN1380 DSCN1391 DSCN1394 DSCN1402 DSCN1414 DSCN1417 DSCN1432 DSCN1439 DSCN1440 DSCN1442 DSCN1447 DSCN1452 DSCN1491 DSCN1495 DSCN1525 DSCN1527 DSCN1564 DSCN1603 DSCN1608 DSCN1619

All photos were taken with my Nikon Coolpix s9600. Not too shabby for a point-and-shoot! 🙂 And my goodness, I saw so many of those massive and fancy professional cameras there!

Civil War Sass and Skirt Inspo

I’m still trying to figure out this spacing for captions under photos thing. WordPress, I like you, but you’re still a bit frustrating from time to time.


Today I went to a Civil War reenacting event at Hale Farm and Village in Bath, Ohio, with my dad. It was the first event of this kind for either one of us to attend, so it was all new to us and we both really enjoyed ourselves. We got to watch a very informative Fashion Show, see Abe Lincoln give an address, view various items for sale along Sutler’s Row, then watch a reenactment of the Third Battle of Winchester.

And note to self: wear better shoes. I wore my very worn-out runners (I have a hole in my right shoe from a rock puncturing through to my sock) and… well, my right sock is brown from the dirt paths and it also got a hole (I think a new rock made its way up the hole), and the shoe’s hole got a bit bigger 😛 So now I need a new pair of shoes haha. I really thought that I could get a few more months of walking out of them… le sigh

So, how about two photos from today?


?????????? During Abe Lincoln’s address, this Confederate woman kept giving him snarky remarks. She was quite amusing and she was standing in front of me when I finally squeaked my way to the near-front of the crowd. She was happy when I asked if I could get a photo with her, she was really nice! The guy in this photo had given a speech before welcoming Lincoln to the floor, and he got some sass from this lady as well. … and after this photo was taken, they walked off arm-in-arm like friends 🙂 Awww, how sweet! haha


??????????I enjoy sewing and I want to make a nice circle skirt for myself. I really love the red trim pattern on that white dress, and I think I want to replicate it on my next sewing project.


Have you ever been to a historical reenacting event?