Sixteen Things

I got this idea from Russ. ūüėČ

  1. My birthday is the smack-dab middle of the year – July 1. It makes it easy for me to remember how old I am or how much time I have until my birthday haha.
  2. I finally got a smartphone last April (Samsung s5). To be honest, I still don’t think I can justify its $70/month bill since I hardly communicate with it and I’m not attached to it all the time.
  3. My favorite candy bars are Kit Kat, Reese’s, Almond Joy, 100 Grand, Milky Way, Heath, and Cadbury Milk Chocolate. I also love M&M’s.
  4. I love to craft. I currently make cards, jewelry, and dreamcatchers. I’m always excited to try a new crafting technique. I would love to explore sewing more, but it involves more money, time, and space than what I have.
  5. I currently work as a “float” bank teller, helping out a dozen branches in my region. I’ve been at it since Sept 2014. I’m now looking for a new job that doesn’t involve sales or interacting much with customers. I’m always frustrated, cranky, and stressed out.
  6. I have a younger sister. She’s already married and she will soon become a children’s librarian.
  7. I have never been in what I’d consider¬†a relationship, or have been on what I’d say is a date. I have so many thoughts and feelings about my dating/relationship life, and maybe I’d feel better if I talked with someone about everything, but I’ve never really gotten to share them with anyone, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing it online.
  8. I enjoy fresh tomatoes, but HATE chunky cooked/stewed tomatoes. Smooth pasta/pizza sauce is acceptable. Tomato soup is gross.
  9. I’m a conservative Republican.
  10. I have yet to break a bone or go to the hospital for anything *knock on wood*. The worst I’ve ever been was a strange stomach problem I had in the beginning of 2011. I think it ended up being kidney stones and it passed, but I can’t really¬†remember much of that time.
  11. I generally regret college now. I have yet to really use my degree, I made a number of REALLY stupid choices in terms of interacting with people, and I’m still mayyybe only friends with one person that I met there (even that person we only talk once in a blue moon). It was a bit of a waste of time and money. However, I will always be thankful for the opportunity to study abroad and open up that desire for traveling.
  12. I have maybe… twenty?… cardigans. If it isn’t twenty, it looks like it when glancing into my closet. I love them. They’re like a security blanket for me. I don’t like to show too much skin, and cardigans give me that coverage and security.
  13. I have about 190 haikus written in a notebook. Most are depressing and bitter. I don’t know why I’m saving them. And I really don’t enjoy reading too much of other peoples’ poetry.
  14. Most times I feel like I was born 100-200 years too late.
  15. Someday I’d like to explore historical reenacting.
  16. I love Dr Pepper and Diet Coke.

Brief Personal Updates

– I turned 25 yesterday.

– My help with my church’s VBS is almost done. Just one day left of decorating on Saturday.

– I have read 13 books so far in 2014. I am currently reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It’s a slow read, only because in the evenings I’m usually watering the vegetable garden and chatting with someone.

– I am halfway through the last season of Lost. Back when it originally aired, I got into the beginning of the 5th (second-to-last) season but then I was in college and I hardly ever thought about my TV. So now I’m in new territory. I can’t wait to see how this all ends. If you want to know who my fave characters are, they are Sawyer and Ben Linus.

– This summer I am growing a few varieties of hot peppers and some Brussels Sprouts. I enjoy seeing them grow and develop.

– I am very slow to post here. Blah. Sorry.

You asked, and I answered

A few posts ago I let you ask me any questions, and now I’m finally getting to answering them.


First, a question by soarintothefuture:

1 РIf you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what food would you choose?
Oh man. I have a lot of favorite dishes so it’s pretty tough! Maybe a Czech beef goulash or a chicken curry; I’m trying to think of a dish that has a variety of ingredients haha.¬†


Humor_Me_Now had a question:

2¬†–¬†What was your biggest success and failure in life?
Success – Hmm. Maybe a viable business plan that I created for my entrepreneurship class in college; it did well enough to award me $500 as a top-scoring plan. I’d also say that my four years in my small textbook business was my pride and joy, despite the loads of stress it gave me.
Failure – I’d say that I’ve had many big failures. My failed attempt to move to Prague in September 2012 was perhaps my biggest failure, though. It was something that I had wanted so badly, but I didn’t last for long. I still heavily regret giving up.


doesitevenmatter3 had a few questions:

3 РWhat book has impacted your life the most? Why?
A few books have always lingered in my mind, but I’ll share one to keep this post at a decent size.
Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” weighed so heavily on my mind and heart for several days after I finished it. I won’t share what it was that I felt about the book, but I was thinking about the book nonstop in that time and I still think about it from time to time now. I highly recommend the book to everyone. I also highly suggest Atwood’s other books, especially her “Oryx and Crake” trilogy.

4 РIf you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’ve already been to my favorite city as of yet, Prague, so I won’t use it as my answer here. I’d probably say the Siberian region as I love the cold and I want to see the immense vastness of that area. If I had to choose an American location, I guess I’d choose Salt Lake City as I’ve seen gorgeous photos of the city and I’ve heard wonderful things about it. … I’d have to go there in the cooler months, though ūüėõ

5 – What/who is your favorite band/singer?
At this moment I’ll choose Gin Blossoms, Backstreet Boys, The Eagles, Kino (Soviet-era rock), and Il Divo (international operatic-pop). I’ll actually be seeing Il Divo in concert for the second time next month, in Akron.


Big thanks for the questions!