A poem by Anne Bronte, and a few small updates on yours truly

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. My reading has been considerably slower because…

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Two weeks into 2017, already?!

My goodness, it’s already January 14!

So I didn’t post immediately soon after the New Year as I had hoped, but it’s still January so… whatever 🙂

2017 is alright so far.

I’m doing well with one simple thing that I wanted to do more of this year: read. I’m setting aside approximately an hour between dinner and evening-coffee for reading. For a few days I had read some American Founding Fathers documents (I found a beautiful book at B&N which contains the Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, some letters, some speeches, the Constitution, etc). I’m currently halfway through Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; I had no idea what to expect, and for the longest time I didn’t think I’d ever want to read it, but I’m currently REALLY enjoying it and I can’t wait to finish it.

I’m also trying to start the process in refreshing my Etsy store. I want to have a new shop name and hopefully revive it. I’d like to see a few more sales this year than I did last year.

There aren’t really any plans/goals for 2017 besides getting a new job.

And I’m slowly trying to work on being happier in general. I’ve greatly struggled with being happy with myself for many years.

Readers, do you have any goals or plans for 2017?

New Glasses, 2016 edition

On Monday my mom and I picked up our new glasses. A really cute guy working there found these frames for me when my mom asked if he could help find both of us new frames (so that we’d have an outsider’s opinion). They’re navy blue, with a white and light aquamarine interior. They’re also a bit bigger than my last pair (seen in my avatar), so it’s nice to have a slightly larger viewing area. My mom and I usually go together to get the buy-one-get-one back-to-school deals every other year.

These photos were taken after an interview on Tuesday… which I think went well. I should have an answer by next Friday. And hopefully my snazzy new glasses got me a few extra points haha.