Screams loudly for help (haiku)

Screams loudly for help
But no one can hear her cries
She’s always ignored


Just now I was tidying up my desk, and I found this written on a scrap piece of paper, tucked underneath my mouse pad. I don’t remember when I wrote it. Oh well. Here’s a post, since I’m trying to post here a little more frequently than what I did last year. I also read through one of my notebooks, and I see that there are quite a few haikus that I could share here, so I may do that.

I hope everyone is well. And wow, it’s already the end of January?!

Leaving (haiku theme)

A friend this evening asked me if I had some haikus related to the theme of “leaving”; she is compiling a paper zine and asked if I wanted to contribute. Um, yes! So I skimmed through my notebook of all my old haikus, then came up with a few more. She said that most contributors have interpreted it to be like “leaving home”, but I can interpret “leaving” in any other way that I want. Here’s what I have. The first two are old, and then the following seven are brand-spankin’ new:

Tell me who you are –
I may never know your name
If you leave right now

Just give me one kiss
That’s all I really need now
And then I will leave

Take one last long glance
At the life I had once known
Time for something new

Right in front of left
My feet walk away from you
Never to return

Suitcase at the door
Scream one last angry farewell
I’m so glad to leave

We are not wanted
We’re banished from this city
Our heinous sins blamed

Flickering candle
Leads me onto the dirt road
Leaving my dwelling

Any love I felt
Has left my now-aching heart
Bitterness remains

“Only hope remains”
… Then it left like trailing smoke
Hope, too, can vanish