6 years on Etsy, and Ferrero Rocher gifts

Celebrating my six-year Etsy anniversary, and a craft using Ferrero Rochers!

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Nine Years with FB

Nine years on FB - May 29, 2016

First things first… good grief, I stink at updating this blog. But y’all knew that.


Moving on… haha…

This morning I got the notification shown above on Facebook that it’s been nine years since I joined Facebook. Holy moly, nine years?!

I graduated from high school in 2007, and if I remember correctly, you needed either a college or work-network email address to be able to join Facebook. I remember my friends (the few I had) saying that as soon as you get your college email address, to go onto Facebook. I wonder how soon after getting my email address that I hopped to Facebook.

Remember how your statuses would read like “Joe Schmoe likes tacos.” And that you could “poke” people and other random things?

I kind of miss old-school Facebook.

And I just realized, after typing that I graduated from high school in 2007, that my TEN-YEAR REUNION will be next year. Am I seriously that old?!?!?!?! haha

If you’ve been on Facebook for a very long time (maybe even longer than me! I can’t remember when it was first started), do you remember or miss the old Facebook? Do you like today’s Facebook?

Tomorrow, since I have the day off from work, I will actually share a proper update on my year so far 🙂