Lycoperdon (photo)


Taken with my Nikon s9600

I noticed this previously unseen mushroom in our backyard this summer. Each puffball wasn’t that big. And just now, with a quick Google search, I think it’s either  Lycoperdon curtisii or Lycoperdon echinatum. I can’t really tell because I don’t remember if they turned brown when they matured, and the size ranges for both seem like it could be these ‘shrooms.

My dad sometimes goes through intense fads of hobbies, and a few years ago it was mushroom identification and cooking. Whenever he’d walk the dog, he’d take bits of whatever mushrooms he’d find and then try to identify them at home. And if he deemed it safe to eat, he tried to have my mom cook them. I personally do not like mushrooms at all, so I didn’t care for the whole thing and was glad when my dad’s interest faded away haha.

But I thought these looked kinda cute, and I wanted to see if my camera would get some nice detail of them.