I collect postcards!

Here is a list of countries and US states that I have postcards from so far. If your country or state is not mentioned here, I would love to swap a postcard with you! Leave a comment below or send me a message on Postcrossing (if you are a PC member).

~ ~ ~ I consider the postcard’s “location” as where it was sent / where the sender lives. So if, for example, you live in Ohio but you’re sending me a Wyoming mapcard, I am considering it as an Ohio postcard. ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

World countries that I have (68):

Algeria,  Australia,  Austria,  Azerbaijan,  Bahrain,  Belarus,  Belgium,  Brazil,  Bulgaria,  Canada,  Chad,  Chile,  China,  Costa Rica,  Croatia,  Cuba,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland,  France,  French Guiana,  Georgia,  Germany,  Ghana,  Greece,  Hong Kong,  Hungary,  India,  Indonesia,  Iraq,  Ireland,  Israel,  Italy,  Japan,  Kenya,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg,  Malaysia,  Malta,  Mexico,  Moldova,  Myanmar,  Netherlands,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Peru,  Philippines,  Poland,  Portugal,  Romania,  Russia,  Serbia,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  Spain,  South Africa,  South Korea,  Sri Lanka,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  Taiwan,  Thailand,  Turkey,  Ukraine,  United Kingdom,  Uzbekistan

USA States that I have (44):

Alabama,  Alaska,  Arizona,  California,  Colorado,  Connecticut,  Delaware,  Florida,  Georgia,  Hawaii,  Idaho,  Illinois,  Indiana,  Iowa,  Kansas,  Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Maine,  Maryland,  Massachusetts,  Michigan,  Minnesota,  Missouri,  Montana,  Nevada,  New Hampshire,  New Jersey,  New Mexico,  New York,  North Carolina,  North Dakota,  Ohio,  Oklahoma,  Oregon,  Pennsylvania,  Rhode Island,  South Carolina,  South Dakota,  Tennessee,  Texas,  Utah,  Virginia,  Washington,  Wisconsin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to see a map of ALL of my received postcard locations? Click here! (I hope the link works) It’s still a work in progress. At some point I would love to add photos of the postcards to their corresponding pins on the map.

My goal is to have a postcard from every country and American state. I love variety and surprises, so any postcard you choose for me will be liked. Map cards are cool, but I also love postcards that are related to my interests, hobbies, and things I like. My Postcrossing profile lists such things. All I request is that the postcard is standard-size (I will trim extra-large postcards) and that it doesn’t feature an animal, especially cats. If you are a member of Postcrossing, please write your username on the postcard for proper identification.

I will update this post whenever a new country or state is received.

A link to my Postcrossing profile: click here

Hope you can help me! 🙂

~ Marica

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