2018 Reading: Books 19-21

My next three books are a Shakespeare-filled murder mystery, the “Anne Frank of Sarajevo”, and my fifth Jane Austen novel.

My reading had slowed down this summer. With overtime at work still going strong, and summer evenings perfect for naps or other activities, I didn’t read for as long in the evenings or I didn’t read at all :-\

But I’ve got three more books to share here now… so, let’s get on with it!

19 (Jul 30 - Aug 4 2018)

19.     This was for $1 on bookoutlet.com. The title was catchy, the cover artwork was cool, and the summary of a murder whodunnit intrigued me enough to get it. If We Were Villains, by R.L. Rio, is about a group of friends who are seniors at a dramatic arts school that is ALLLLLL about Shakespeare. These people even quote Shakespeare in their normal conversation. This book starts off around ten years after the murder, when the suspect is released from prison and he is finally ready to tell the story of what happened and who and why. It started off interestingly enough and I was reading the book at a good pace, but things for me went downhill after the death/murder and the story shifted then to finding out who committed the crime and why. By the end, when I found out the who and why, it was such a huge “…seriously? *eyeroll*” and I was very disappointed; I almost wished that I hadn’t bothered with the book. The book was also very stereotypical and cliche on theater students and college life – it brought back a big amount of mostly-not-good memories of my own college years. The crazy amount of Shakespeare being quoted was largely lost on me because I haven’t read much of it (in high school I read Romeo and Juliet, and in college I was on the crew for its performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and I don’t remember the little that I have read. … So. If you LOVE Shakespeare and can pick up every Shakespeare reference with glee, this is for you. If you had a great and crazy and fun time in college and want to relive it, this is for you. If you were in the dramatic arts and loved it, this is for you.

20 (Aug 5-8 2018)

20.     I’m pretty sure that I read this many years ago, but I couldn’t pass up on owning this book and reading it again when I saw in on sale somewhere. Zlata’s Diary by Zlata Filipovic is about a preteen girl in early 1990s Sarajevo, in the midst of the Yugoslav Wars. She writes in her diary at first about school and friends and parties, but then gradually changes to power outages, lack of food, struggles for gathering water, death and injuries of friends and family, and the shelling. Zlata also criticizes the “kids” – the politicians who talk about peace but do nothing. Her diary was discovered and published while she continued to write in it, until she and her parents finally left for safety in France. It’s a sad and moving book/diary, but Zlata was strong despite the challenges. This book also included several photos of Zlata and her family, as well as some images of her original handwritten diary. I definitely recommend this.

21 (Aug 10- 2018)

21.     I’m still surprised that I went from “ugh, I am NEVER reading Jane Austen” to “huh, this was my FIFTH book” haha. Emma, by Jane Austen, is a comedic mess of matchmaking, missing cues, and finding love. As with Austen’s other novels, it was fun to see how the characters change (especially moving toward maturity) and the marrying pairs by the end. Now that I’m more used to Jane Austen, I can’t seem to decide as easily on which is my favorite, especially since I want to give Pride and Prejudice another chance (it was my first JA book and I didn’t really like it – I almost swore off JA after that!).


Bible Reading: In August I read Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon from the Old Testament, as well as Ephesians through 2 Timothy in the New Testament. For September I am reading Jeremiah. I’m thinking of writing a post of how I organize and plan my Bible reading.


My next three books are chosen, but right now it’s my bedtime – it’s 10:30pm, and 5:00am will be here soon enough! Until next time…


14 thoughts on “2018 Reading: Books 19-21

    • Yes, my dog is also named Zlata 😊 (but not after the book/girl – in Slovak zlata means golden, so for our golden-haired dog it was kind of like “goldilocks”)

      Haha, yeah, I guess I was hoping I had found a surprising gem for $1. But, later this week I’ll be getting a whole bag of books for $2 at my library’s book sale, so that’s even cheaper!

  1. Thank you for sharing these!
    I’d like to read Zlata’s Diary. (Interesting that your sweet doggie has the same name 🙂 )
    My youngest kiddo loves Jane Austen books.
    I’m reading Setting Free the Kites by Alex George. I was given it as a birthday gift. 🙂
    Keep reading HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Zlata’s Diary is a fairly quick read, and the edition I had also included a list of the people mentioned in the diary and their relation to Zlata (it definitely helped me out haha).

      Enjoy your birthday-gift book, and HUGS!

  2. Good choices! I know I want to expand my reading since I mostly read these types of books but I also “read” much faster by listening to audiobooks from the library while processing paperwork, commuting, cooking for the week ahead, doing laundry, and other boring monotonous stuff that I feel could be made more effective by multitasking.

    • I’m currently reading The Shack so that I won’t feel bad about watching the movie. It’s going pretty good and I’m looking forward to the healing process that happens in the second half. This may have been asked before but do you use Goodreads? I always enjoy seeing what books others are interested in and adding them to my wishlist.

    • I’ve thought about audiobooks, but usually when I listen to music while doing other things, the music blends away and I forget which songs I had heard – I feel like, for me, it would be the same with an audiobook. And my commutes aren’t long enough for decent listening sessions.

      My mom read The Shack and really enjoyed it, and also liked the movie.

      I tried to use Goodreads years ago, but I could never remember to log in and mark my progress. I’m much better with writing down my reading progress in a weekly planner, and then once in a while updating my Excel library and WordPress 🙂

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