6 years on Etsy, and Ferrero Rocher gifts

Celebrating my six-year Etsy anniversary, and a craft using Ferrero Rochers!

Today marks six years since I joined Etsy. Holy moly! Looking back at my first sales (and first crafted items that I made for Etsy), I can certainly see a lot of changes in techniques and styles, as well as the kinds of handicrafts that I have explored over the years.

Now my shop currently features earrings, necklaces, resin pieces (pendants, earrings, brooches, and a mirror compact), dreamcatchers of various sizes, greeting cards, money gift holder cards, and some scarves.

Click here to visit my shop, MiscMarica!

And now on the delicious second part of my title – the Ferreros!

I’ve been slowly preparing for an upcoming craft show, where I have sold for the last few years. A lot of inspiration comes from Pinterest, to help me think of new ways to use up my mountains of supplies. I have a TON of papercrafting stuff, so I’ve been wanting to find non-card ways to use it up. I came upon ideas to make favors for chocolates and candies, and thought that it would be a great idea. After researching certain chocolates, I decided that Ferrero Rochers were my choice; I like that they’re kind of fancy (LOVE that gold wrapping!), and I felt that they would make the nicest kind of sweet treat to give (my other idea had been Hershey Nuggets). And I love Ferrero Rochers, so if I have a few left over, I won’t be sad 😉

These will be perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts to coworkers/neighbors/friends, and even as a gift to guests at their table setting for your Christmas feast.

Using this project for four Rochers, and this project for three, I made these three pieces to test out the projects and make with my own measurements:


And now for each box…


The first one I made is a one-piece box which fits four Rochers, following the original post. The embellishments on all three were a hasty addition, as they were just prototypes and I only needed something to show the “top”. I added the little semicircle cutout on this one, to kind of show that that is the top lid.


This followed the project outlined in the other link I provided – but I made a few adjustments to the measurements of the cover, and I omitted the ribbon pull. It’s a little difficult to make the cover a size just perfect enough to fit the box snug and nicely, so I likely won’t be reproducing this version again.


I liked the idea of the one-piece box with the four-piece set, so I made my own version to hold two pieces. It *is* small, so it makes for fewer options to decorate the top. (I won’t be using those oversized circle embellishments on these – I do have smaller stamps to stamp directly on the box.)

I’ve decided to make the four-piece and two-piece versions; I may try to modify this one-piece box style again to fit three, but I probably won’t until after the craft show. I have enough on my plate at this time!

… and now I have an order of 96 Ferrero Rochers on its way to me now haha. I already have my paper cut out, measured, and scored for approximately 20 boxes; all I have to do is create the top embellishments and assemble! I’m a massive sucker for blues (and because I have no more red or green cardstock in my mountain o’paper) so I’m geared more to a snowy theme in decoration.

I don’t know yet if I will sell these on Etsy – but anyone who sees this post and is interested in buying some can contact me for details, prices, etc.



7 thoughts on “6 years on Etsy, and Ferrero Rocher gifts

  1. The “Ferrreras ” are a good idea . This a new part of your store . Those decorated boxes, as you say, can be used to offer chocolate ..
    i watched your store . I was surprised to read all translated in French. Bravo! However about prices you dont speak of the price for the sending . ( Perhaps I did not see it?
    Love ❤


    • I do not have a price yet for these little boxes; I’m still trying to decide on a price. I likely will not sell them on my Etsy store online, but rather instead just to friends and at the craft show at a local church next month. As of now I don’t really have packaging to allow me to mail them, especially for an order of more than one or two. But if I get some good sales next month, then I may think of making more and selling them in my Etsy store.

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