Books 21-25 of 2017

I’m still reading and getting through my massive piles of books… and now onto books 21 through 25!

21.     I first discovered Shirley Jackson in high school, when we had to read the short story “The Lottery”. Many years later, Jackson popped up in my recommendations on Amazon. When I saw The Haunting of Hill House available on my go-to book website, I bought it. I expected more in terms of “horror”, and most of the characters annoyed me. I also had difficulty a few times in understanding what was happening. It’s about a group of strangers visiting a supposedly haunted house, and the house takes control of one of the visitors. I didn’t really enjoy it, and it’s now in my to-donate pile.

22.     I really enjoyed Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and so I looked forward to reading her sister’s famous novel. I had tried to read Wuthering Heights several years ago but didn’t get far – the older English was difficult for me to read at the time, but after reading some Austen and Jane Eyre, I figured that I would have an easier second attempt. And yes, I did! The dark vengeance, spanning two generations, was twisted and sad yet enthralling. I couldn’t put the book down.

23.     I had heard of The Turn of the Screw by Henry James many times – but never really knew what it was about. It’s a ghost story involving two children under the supervision of a new governess. Meh. I didn’t really know what was happening, and I had to resort to Wikipedia (yeah, I went there) to get the plot. This printing came with another short story, which I didn’t bother to read. This is also in my to-donate pile.

24.     Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne was such a delightful whirlwind world tour set in 1870. Fast-paced, action-packed, and spoiler alert – they did NOT travel by hot-air balloon in the book. (boo, inaccurate cover and film adaptations!) I may hold on to this book if I ever want a quick weekend read, like what I do with #25…

25.     This was probably my third time reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm – it’s that good, in my opinion, and I consider it as one of my all-time favorite books. (And I read this in an entire afternoon while getting a good suntan outside – I like short books haha.) I don’t think it had been required high school reading for me, so I can’t recall when or how/why I first read it. The satire is awesome in this book. I could reread this story and never tire of it.


My Bible reading: last month (July) I read Proverbs. I also finally opened up my Lutheran edition of the Apocrypha, and read the Book of Judith, which had an interesting story and a great song. I love that my study edition has copious amounts of notes and references, which gave me plenty of extra information surrounding the book. What I plan to do is read at least one apocryphal book at the end of each month. For August, I am reading Acts. I read one chapter before bedtime.


I now have a page (click here) where I am listing all of the books I have read over the last few years. I need to update it after Wuthering Heights soon.


Reviews for my first ten books

Books 11 – 15

Books 16 – 20


Is anyone reading anything at the moment?


8 thoughts on “Books 21-25 of 2017

  1. I vividly remember reading these books in a high school literature class. I enjoyed Jackson, Bronte, and Orwell.
    I think most, or all, of these books, have been made into movies. ??? I need to google this and see.
    I remember a bookstore (from years ago) that used to put out books like these during the summer and encourage people to read them. Most were considered “classics”. And they had them in paperback and cheap. So, it was fun! 🙂
    Keep reading!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I want to watch Wuthering Heights, but from what I’ve read online, none of the adaptations ever made cover the entire book – both generations – and instead focus on one of the generations. Sigh.

      You’d think that with how critical fans of any original book will be of a movie adaptation, that directors and script-writers would think “hmm, maybe we should be accurate and have pleased fans of the book” -_- haha

      • Yes, you would think so! I’ve often thought that very thing! 🙂 With the many many books made into films, I can only think of a couple that I feel they did a good job…as far as sticking to the story and honoring the book and it’s characters. 🙂

  2. This is the first list of yours where I’ve actually read two of the books. I read Animal Farm when I was too young to understand it. It would probably make more sense to me now. I don’t remember much about Wuthering Heights, since I read it in high school. All I remember is that I did not like Heathcliff.

    • At first I felt bad for Heathcliff, but it quickly changed to great dislike for him. I liked Linton the most (older Catherine’s husband), and the servant who was telling the story.

      My first reading of Animal Farm was probably in high school and I don’t remember understanding it too well at that time. I definitely got a lot more out of it when I reread it several years later, and now again.

      I’ve seen many lists of books where either I’ve neither heard nor read the books mentioned, or they’re books that aren’t of my interest. It happens 🙂

  3. Good chices of books ,Marica .
    Do you know Jules Verne lived in my town,Amiens in northern France where he was municipal consellor . He wrote most of his books in his house in Amiens which we can visit . He made some travels and he studied seriously the geography and the history of the countries where he located the adventures he imagined . At this time ,end of the XIXth century his books were published by a famous editor Hetzel and the books had a superb cover . I have one of them , Michel Strogoff..
    Love ❤

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