I saw this on Facebook today – I think from my local library.

So what has been your favorite place to visit? Are there any travels in the near horizon for you, like this summer? What is your ultimate dream travel destination?

8 thoughts on “Travel

    • Fiiiiiiiiiine… 😛

      My favorite place so far has been Prague, Czech Republic.
      No real travels for this year, besides being a spectator at (hopefully) three historical reenactments in Ohio (two Civil War, one WW2). But they’re fairly local so I wouldn’t really call it traveling.
      I want to visit every country and territory in Europe, and take the train across Russia. And I want to go to really cold, frigid places. And if I ever have the pure luxury (and courage to brave the intense heat), I’d love to see Dubai.

  1. My favorite place that I’ve lived is San Francisco, CA. 🙂
    My favorite place…hard to pick just one: I enjoy Colorado, Tennesee, New Mexico, Georgia, etc. 🙂
    I hope to make it to St. Louis (again) this summer. 🙂
    Dream travel destination: I’d love to visit Italy! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. i liked new zealand and since i did most of my growing up in colorado, i like there to. i also liked Ecuador. im not really a city person, but i do like san francisco. i like the east coast for the history places you can visit. i’m always amazed by our national parks.

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