Sun Setting Soon on 2016 (photo)


taken with a Nikon s9600

This photo is of a recent sunset. Lately our skies have been very dreary and blah, so when I saw this about two weeks ago, I knew that I needed to capture it.

This is likely my last post of 2016. Tomorrow I am relaxing, then simple evening festivities (lots of snacks and playing various games with my parents). I’m planning on an obligatory new-year post for Sunday.

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog this year, and leaving the occasional comment. I sincerely appreciate it all.

I pray that everyone has a fun but safe New Year’s Eve. See you all in 2017!


5 thoughts on “Sun Setting Soon on 2016 (photo)

  1. A lovely photo + great words = A great post!!! I wish you the best in 2017, and hopefully we’ll all have solid years. I’ll definitely continue to follow your blog, and am happy to do so. I may not be on here all the time, but you’re never too far from my mind. I wish you nothing but good things, and I’ll definitely continue to give you my support. Take care!!! ^_^v

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