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This is several months late… but for my 27th birthday in July, my friend and I spent our evening at Cleveland’s Hofbrauhaus – a fantastic German bier hall/garden. The hall is HUGE with long tables and benches, and that night there was also a live polka band. Oh my goodness. There were people standing on benches, singing at the tops of their lungs, dancing among the tables and around the hall’s perimeter, talking with strangers as if they were old friends… it brought back some fun memories of my times in the Czech Republic.

I don’t go to Cleveland that often (just a few times a year, if that), but I will definitely visit this place again!

I know that Pittsburgh and Cleveland have a Hofbrauhaus. I’m not sure if there are any others. But if you happen to be in these areas, or have one near you, you should certainly check them out! Enjoy some good German/European fun.

The Cleveland location’s website to check it out: click here!

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