Our Woodpile – Smooth and Cracked


Inspired by Russ (buddy71) and his “woodpile series”, here is a photo I recently took of some of the wood my dad has around our yard. We have some black walnut which was cut down a few years ago; my dad is letting it dry out and sit for a while, in hopes of eventually using the wood for some projects he has in mind.

I’ve been watching the outer pieces of the trunks separate from the inner parts for several weeks, and caught this view.

Taken with my Nikon s9600


4 thoughts on “Our Woodpile – Smooth and Cracked

  1. I have a dining room set of table chairs and hutch made of black walnut. Bought it in 1971. I hear that they don’t make furniture with that wood any more because it is so expensive to make and sell. I am glad I got this in my home.

  2. Ooh, wood!
    Great pic! Maybe you can snap photos of the projects your Dad works on. Maybe a from the wood to a ___________ (bookshelf or whatever he makes). I love seeing a project from start to finish. I have wooden furniture in my home that my Dad designed and built.
    HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂

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