New Glasses, 2016 edition

On Monday my mom and I picked up our new glasses. A really cute guy working there found these frames for me when my mom asked if he could help find both of us new frames (so that we’d have an outsider’s opinion). They’re navy blue, with a white and light aquamarine interior. They’re also a bit bigger than my last pair (seen in my avatar), so it’s nice to have a slightly larger viewing area. My mom and I usually go together to get the buy-one-get-one back-to-school deals every other year.

These photos were taken after an interview on Tuesday… which I think went well. I should have an answer by next Friday. And hopefully my snazzy new glasses got me a few extraΒ points haha.




17 thoughts on “New Glasses, 2016 edition

  1. My complexion is far from nice. I have bad acne which only gets worse when I’m stressed. But I use makeup to smooth out my skin’s appearance and I try to be tricky when finding the right angle and lighting for taking photos hahahaha.

  2. Your new glasses look amazing! I know what you mean about having a slightly bigger viewing area. My most recent glasses were an improvement in that regard as well, and it’s nice to have that.

    Altogether, you look amazing! I especially love your smile in the first pic. Too cute! Good luck on getting the job! ^_^b

      • You’re very welcome! I see you changed your profile pic to the first pic in this post. Nice! Your smile warms my heart.

        Yeah, I know it’s been a long time! I’m trying to be more active now on here. Things are up and down, but I’m still trucking along. No amazing changes in my life, but some interesting things have happened.

        I got a new camera. A Fujifilm X30 to be exact. I’ve become a huge Fuji fan, and I thought the X30 was the perfect camera to add to my collection. It’s like a perfect blend of my Nikon and Sony. A sharp lens plus the lovely Fuji colors and film simulations make a nice combo. It’s really fun to shoot with, which I love.

        I don’t know where I’ll be two years from now, but my family will probably be on the move. We’ve been in the same house for 11 years now, but my dad will have to relocate because of his job. It’ll still be in Texas but going from North Texas to Central Texas near the state capitol of Austin. Texas is a big state of course, so it’s actually a pretty big move when it comes to distance.

        The move doesn’t bother me. There’s nothing holding me here, but I do like the area, especially Denton. It’s a college town. Not too big or too small, and it has most everything you could want. I’d like to make my own decision on whether I stay, or go, or do something else, but it all depends on my health, and where I’m at at the time. At the very least, I won’t be in the same spot two years from now, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

        I know I haven’t been very active on WordPress until recently, but I have kept up with you. I always get emails with your updates, and they’re always a highlight for me! I do care about you, and it’s nice talking to you again. It’s wonderful that we still can talk to each other after all these years. Take care, and I wish you nothing but the best, always! πŸ™‚

    • I haven’t been too active on blogging on this site… I just can’t seem to find many things to share and I haven’t had many photo-taking opportunities. But I blog once a week at my other site.

      I’m okay… feeling a bit depressed again because I’m looking for a new job (I left my last job about five weeks ago – it was very stressful and made me very angry all the time) and some other thoughts that I’ve had.

      Hope you’re well, Michel.

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