Sparkler (photo)


taken with my Nikon s9600

A few weeks ago I purchased a pack of sparklers – I had never played with them before, and I figured it could make for interesting photographs. So I lit a few, stuck them in the ground, and tried to get a few photos. This is one of my favorites – I love how it looks in B&W! I didn’t care so much for the color photos I took, but I am always in awe of my camera’s high-contract monochrome setting.


11 thoughts on “Sparkler (photo)

  1. Awesome photo. Even though they’re technically illegal here, my grandfather used to bring home sparklers all the time, and I have fond childhood memories of playing with them. 🙂

    • Sparklers are also illegal? I didn’t think they were since they’re so small and I wouldn’t think that they could do much.

      I’m living dangerously. 😉 hahaha

  2. Excellent photo Marica! Black and white photos are such awesome composition. All the best in getting a new job. Sometimes it takes a little longer to land one, but don’t despair.

    • I’m going to try to be more optimistic in this time around of job hunting. I already found one very interesting position. Tonight I updated my resume and tomorrow I’ll apply.

  3. One has the impression that this is a magic wand
    I understand you impression of void at the beginning of the unemployment but I am sure you willhave soon a new job,Marica.
    Love ❤

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