“Battle for Brimfield” – June 4, 2016

Yesterday my dad and I checked out the “Battle for Brimfield” event in Brimfield, Ohio. It was a very small Civil War reenacting event, as it was the first time for this event to be held at its location, but we still very much enjoyed it.

When we got there, we walked around the grounds to see the tents, and then we listened to a Union soldier talk about the daily life of a soldier. At 11am we watched a skirmish demonstration, as the larger battle would be in the afternoon. Afterwards, we talked with some reenactors of the 27th Virginia Co. G “Shriver Grays”.

We had a good time, and I hope that the event returns to Brimfield next year and grows!

To read about the 27th Virginia, Co. G “Shriver Grays” group, click here to go to their website.

The event schedule, click here.

To see Brimfield’s Chamber of Commerce article, click here.

Oh. And you probably want pictures… so, here you go! (Also, I love that slideshows now exist on WP [did this option exist before?] to help keep this post from looking too too long haha)


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20 thoughts on ““Battle for Brimfield” – June 4, 2016

  1. That is so cool! One thing about living in Colorado is that we don’t have the history dating back like you guys out East. I would LOVE to hit up some reenactments in the Midwest sometime. It looks like a lot of fun and very informational.

    • having lived and grown up in colorado, there is history. not quite like the east, but different as it is about mining history and some indian war history. i think the sand creek battle was in colorado.

        • wow! that was a fast response. lol my mom lives in virginia and we had moved there when i graduated from high school in colorado springs. i loved going to the battle fields and history of both wars. going to Gettysburg was a highlight. it amazed me how people could fight like that.

        • that area of colorado is very nice. about 5 years ago i visited durango as i was meeting a woman i had met online and i have some great photos of the area. i have been on that railway many many years ago. i have hiked and climbed many areas of colorado and help survey the divide trail though colorado as well as skied most of the areas and even kayaked the platte, arkansas and colorado rivers. πŸ™‚ just letting you know i know about colorado. lol

    • Someday I want to go to Gettysburg to see that battlefield and everything around there. Maybe the next time I have a long weekend, I’ll make my way there.

      I’m new to learning about the Civil War, so I don’t know the full extent of the campaigns and battles throughout the US. I wonder what the nearest battles would be to you.

  2. loved your photos and i think you should get photoshop to remove some of the not in date items that show up in the photos and maybe even do a vintage filter as they would look great. looks like a fun time and something i know i would like to attend.

    • If I had Photoshop, I’d try to edit out the modern stuff haha. But I’m pretty pleased with my photos as well; my dad liked them, too. If you want to see the photos in a bigger size, I think my Facebook album (which has more photos than what I shared here) is public and non-FB people can see them.


      I have a basic free photo editor, Photoscape, which I might use to add vinage filters to some of my favorite photos.

      OOOO I almost forgot, I took some video as well! But I want to see if I can compress or whatever to the files so that they aren’t huge and take up space in my WP media storage allowance.

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  4. That looks pretty cool. I love history, but I’m not really into wartime stuff – I mostly like the fashions and the way of life, actually. That would be neat if you were able to participate in it though!

    • Haha, I’m also more into the fashions and way of life stuff as well. I don’t have much knowledge of the military side of the wars/history… hopefully further down the road I will, since that’s a whole lot of other info haha.

  5. Great pics! I love the slideshow! (I’ve known others on WP who use the slideshow option. Not sure how long it’s been around. But, it does keep the post less long when there are lots of pics to share! πŸ™‚ )
    What fun! Glad you and your Dad went!
    I’d love to hear that talk on the daily life of a soldier!
    I hope you’ll get to participate in one of these events some day!
    I’ll check out the links you shared!
    HUGS!!! πŸ˜‰

    • It’s been a long time since I last shared a bunch of photos in one post, but maybe now that there’s the slideshow feature, I may be more encouraged to share more photos. We’ll see haha.

    • I used to greatly dislike and regret my family moving to America, but now I can’t imagine being anywhere else. And I love to learn about this country’s history and what helped to shape this country into what it is today… and what made it attractive to my family for wanting to immigrate here. I have great respect.

  6. Whoa! Did you take all these pictures Marica? Look very professional. The one of the big guy alone in the picture, is menacing. I am glad you had fun and would like to take part as a civilian.

    • Yes, I took all of these photos πŸ™‚ I use a Nikon s9600, which is a point-and-shoot. Got it two years ago during Best Buy’s Black Friday sale for I think $250 – and it’s the best camera I’ve had! I know that I’ll get a few more good years with it. I’m going to at least two more reenacting events (one is D-Day, one is Civil War) and I’ll get plenty of photos at those events.

      Also, I didn’t edit these photos at all. I only resized so that it didn’t drain my media storage on WP haha

      • That is so cool. I love photography too, and I bought a Cannon Power Shot SX 30 IS about 3or 4 years back. I love to take pictures, especially of my grandchildren and my garden. I need to learn how to take two or three pictures one after the other and also how to program it so I can take pictures without my holding the camera. Like you know, set it up and adjust the timing so the camera can take the pictures of a family portrait etc. I shall learn. It will be like teaching an old dog some new tricks. But I will do it. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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