100 days in

Today was the 100th day of 2016. I thought that I would sort of give an update about my year and my 2016 goals.

My biggest goal this year is to get a different job. While I am still unfortunately working at the bank (just over 1.5 years at this point), I am active in job hunting. I’m currently using a temp agency, and applying to jobs on my own. Right now there are at least two things that sound potentially possible, so hopefully by next month I will be somewhere else!

I’m still not dating yet. Probably won’t happen for another several hundred days… if ever 😛

I’m obviously slacking in posting here more often. Sorry :-\

I’ve had a few sales in my Etsy store, but I haven’t crafted anything new.

Just recently I stepped down from a chairperson position at my church, which I had been a part of for 3.5 years. It was about time for me to leave it; I was feeling burned out from all the event planning, and I would like to serve my church in a new way, at some point. Right now, finding a new job and decreasing my overall stress is my top priority.

Hmm. I can’t think of much else.

Do you have goals for 2016? How are you coming along in those plans?


13 thoughts on “100 days in

    • There are online dating websites that I could use. Oddly enough, I am so nervous about creating an online dating profile for men to see and decide if they would want to meet me :-\

  1. Still hopeful, and praying, the right/good job comes along!
    Yes, that should be your top priority. Well, that and having some fun! 🙂 So, there’s the top 2! 😉 😛
    I can’t believe we’re already 100 days into this year! 😮 Time does fly!
    My 2016 goals relate to family time, work, writing, volunteer….and so far so good! Good balance of all of the priorities in my life! And have increased the amount of time for some of them.
    HUGS!!! Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂

    • I’m glad that your 2016 is going well so far 🙂

      I would like to think that very soon I will be seeing the light at the end of the murky tunnel that is my current, soul-draining job. In three weeks it will be my week of vacation, so if anything, I will at least have one week of peace and more job-hunting.


  2. I certainly hope you land a good position soon Marica. Have you put your Etsy store stuff on line here so your readers can see what you have?
    Have your parents arrange your marriage. Mine did! 🙂 🙂 ❤

    • I have a link at the top of my site, “I sell on Etsy!”, but occasionally I give a link to my store in my posts, depending on what I’m talking about.

      Hah. Arranged marriage *has* been a topic of conversation a number of times between my mom and I 🙂

  3. It’s great that you make more time to decrease your stress. That’s always been my problem; I have too many projects of my own, I say yes to too many others, and I end up unable to deal with everything so I don’t finish anything. I wish you all the best for the 2/3 of the year to come! 🙂
    (I’ll be sure to have a look at your Etsy store!)

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