Screams loudly for help (haiku)

Screams loudly for help
But no one can hear her cries
She’s always ignored


Just now I was tidying up my desk, and I found this written on a scrap piece of paper, tucked underneath my mouse pad. I don’t remember when I wrote it. Oh well. Here’s a post, since I’m trying to post here a little more frequently than what I did last year. I also read through one of my notebooks, and I see that there are quite a few haikus that I could share here, so I may do that.

I hope everyone is well. And wow, it’s already the end of January?!


4 thoughts on “Screams loudly for help (haiku)

  1. Sad haiku…but we can all relate to it. 😦
    And being ignored is one of THE worst things. 😦
    I just love love LOVE when you share your haiku! 🙂
    I can’t believe it’s Feb tomorrow! But, I’m glad! I’ve already got my Valentines cards ready to go! 🙂 I LOVE ❤ Day!!! 🙂
    Speaking of cards!!! Thank you SO much for the card you made and sent me! I have it by my computer where I can enjoy it every day! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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