Eh… some stuff

a) I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff, particularly clothes. A lot of things I haven’t worn in more than a year, and I never think about them. … also, I just bought new stuff yesterday. Grrr, the lure of Black Friday!

b) A common lunch for me lately at work is green beans. People don’t believe me when I say that it’s the main part of my lunch. Usually it’s the green beans (which fill a large “ramen bowl”), then some fruit and some chocolate or crackers. As much as I enjoy cooking, I tend to be lazy with my creativity so I stick to the easy green beans.

c) Thirty-three days remain in 2015. Yikes!

d) I had neglected my poor Etsy store for a long time. But now, no more! Visit my store, FrauleinPfau, here! (That’s German for “Miss Peacock”… I was in a German craze at the time haha) I sell my handmade jewelry, cards, dreamcatchers, and scarves there. I also have some of my papercrafting tools for sale. Get some of your Christmas shopping done with me 🙂

e) I should share more photos here.

f) I haven’t written a haiku in a very long time.

g) I don’t update this blog as often as I’d like. I suppose it’s because I can’t think of too much that I want to share publicly here. Or I don’t know what I could write about.

h) I have now been in my new job for 14 1/2 months. Wow, that long already?! I am considering a lateral move within the company, and I already had my first interview, but now the pros and cons are constantly wavering in my mind and I’m reconsidering the move. I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s cold feet and insane nerves building up.

Until next time, and hopefully I don’t wait too too long for my next post 😉


9 thoughts on “Eh… some stuff

    • I’m… alright. I feel though that I’m 26 and I’m far from accomplishing what I thought I would get done by this point in my life, so now I feel like I’m in a sort of quarter-life crisis. It’s primarily my career and lack of vision or path that is freaking me out a lot now. It’ll all get figured out eventually… I just wish I had clarity right now.

      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, too.

  1. YAY for some good stuff!
    OHMYGOSH! I love green beans! I could eat them every day!
    Which are your fav? frozen, fresh, or canned?!
    Yes, I miss your haiku(s)!
    YAY on the almost 15 months on dat job!
    Oh guess what?! I don’t want to rush you or anything…but I already found a cool birthday card for you! Now I gotta’ save it and not forget where I put it, until July! HA! 😀
    Left0verTurkeyNeck HUGS!!! 😛

    • I like fresh green beans. I like my veggies to have some crunch and crispness to them. Same goes for broccoli and carrots in terms of how I like them 🙂

      But I have been known to heat up a can of canned green beans and eat that solely for a meal haha

      Cranberry-jelly HUGS!

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