Sooooo…this happened in Jerusalem

She was one of the first people I “met” in the blogging world several years ago, and we’ve kept in touch in various ways throughout the years. I’m so incredibly excited for this new chapter in her life, and she’s so beautiful, that I just had to share this happy post because it’s nice to read about good things 🙂

(Hannah, I hope it was okay to reblog this… I’m just way too happy for you! haha)

I write

It was our last night in Israel, and Addison got a friend to coax me onto the rooftop deck after Havdallah, away from everyone else still singing and dancing inside the yeshiva we were studying at.

Our friend’s name is Vicky and this is where I give her credit. She’s the best.

So Addison comes out of hiding and walks over to me, gets on one knee, and tells me all the things. And asks me the big question. And I said YES! Of course I said yes.

So we don’t have a date yet, because there are some things we want to decide first, but it’s official!

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8 thoughts on “Sooooo…this happened in Jerusalem

    • I usually don’t do a lot of WordPress interaction until the weekends, so I’m usually slow to comment and reply. I’m alright – just busy with work and trying to relax when I’m home. I hope all is well with you, too.

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