3 thoughts on “Dance around our room (haiku)

  1. OOH! I love this one! 🙂 Dance = Joy to me! 🙂
    How you doing?! I miss reading your Xanga posts. 😦 But, I can’t get on any sites that are on “locks”. Has Xanga been fixing up the site more…making it better?!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I’ve been kept pretty busy with work and my sister’s wedding stuff (I think my help is done for awhile, until I need to do the baking and candymaking the week of the wedding) and church stuff. I even canceled a short trip to Philly because I was too tired and I just wanted to chill at home for a bit, even though I ended up being busy with doing other things. Blah. I haven’t even sent a single postcard or snail-mail besides bill payments for a few weeks. I only post on Xanga once a week, but I haven’t posted there in 1.5 weeks now.

      Xanga still is bare-bones. It’s a shame. Nothing has changed for several months. The Team says that there were spam problems which supposedly now are taken care of, but I have yet to see new features or improvements. We haven’t even gotten a “hey, here are some solid things we’re working on now and we WILL communicate more often” post since like November. I got an extension for free membership, but they sure as heck won’t get my money for more time there. I may make a private-ish blog here to serve as my personal blog, but I don’t know.

      • Glad you are keeping busy! 🙂
        I feel sad to hear about Xanga. I was hoping they’d get their act together and get some improvements made by now. 😦 And to not communicate with the paid users is unacceptable.
        Yeah, I didn’t want to pay again for such bare bones…and it appeared they aren’t working on the things that the users want and need. 😦
        I like WP a lot. And you can be on “private” here, or on public and then post private blogs when you want to.
        It’s been a good place for me. 🙂
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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