password-protected posts

I have something that I want to post, but I may possibly want it to be password-protected (I just don’t want it to be public-public, even though I’ll still delete it after a few days). How do I go about letting people know the password, and has anyone used this feature before?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Woohoo, the first weekend of Spring!


6 thoughts on “password-protected posts

  1. I’ve used it.
    You have to give them the password via e-mail, or phone, etc., as WP does NOT have any messaging (system or way) to do it here on site. 😦
    Great whee-kend here!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I’ve done it only once, actually. I’ve thought of doing it again but haven’t bothered (was also thinking of making the whole site private but haven’t done that either). Anyway, yeah, there’s no real way to get the message of what the password is out to people you want to read. I had a friend message people individually on Facebook, but that obviously only works if you’re friends with the person on fb also. I picked my name as a password because I figured anyone I trusted to read it would know my real name, as I haven’t given it out on WP but I did on Xanga. I guess emailing would be another way. Some people have their emails in their profiles here. But then you’d have to send the email to everyone.

    • Yeah, it seems a bit cumbersome to get the password to people.

      Meh. I don’t really feel like sharing my post-in-mind anymore. I kind of mentioned it on Xanga and it’s private there, so I feel alright.

      Now to share another haiku here soon 😀

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