Mini B&W Photoshoot – 8 March 2015


(the only color photo here – but I wanted to show off the color of my new blouse)


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

(I did tidy the right area soon after this was taken, so I swear it looks nicer now… for now)


my hand



Oy. Stupid frizzy hair sticking up from the top of my head, like I’m electrocuted 😛


12 thoughts on “Mini B&W Photoshoot – 8 March 2015

    • I was thinking a bit yesterday that maybe I should take some more photos of myself. Feel more comfortable and confident in myself, and maybe a ‘selfie’ once in a while would be fun and help a bit with that.

      And thanks! The top is from JCPenney – brand is a.n.a., and it’s chiffon. I didn’t think I’d like chiffon at all since I don’t want my tattoo (upper back) to show and I hate necessary layering, but I found an amazing tank-top for underneath and I can wear this top on days that I wear my hair down.

  1. I liked the third black and white photo alot.. Pretty blouse. Have you ever done any modeling? My single daughter went to modeling school and it helped hr a lot. She did some modeling for a while.

  2. AW, you are so beautiful!
    The B&W photos are great!
    Love your blouse colors and pattern!
    I see peacock feathers in your room! Do you do your card making at your desk?!
    Aw, Zlata!!!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. I love all the photos of yourself! It’s always nice seeing pictures of you; I especially like the last photo a lot. You look so cute in that one. 😉

    Really love the Zlata photo as well. Such a lovely dog! Thanks for sharing all of these lovely pictures. I really love black and white photography so much, so I was definitely digging these pictures. The color photo of yourself was really nice too, though!

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