Thankfully now I’m able to see some sunsets when I arrive home from work. I caught this sunset a few weekends ago (when I was home all day, yayyyyyyyy!) and I loved the purples, oranges, and pinks that filled the sky.


Photo taken with a Nikon s9600, my new point-and-shoot that I got for Christmas.

Happy March, everyone! And until I post again (I keep thinking “soon”, but clearly that doesn’t happen), I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

4 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Beautiful colors in this picture, and congrats on your new camera! The Nikon s9600 is a later model of my s9100 camera which I’ve definitely enjoyed. All the models of that line have really nice zooms on them for it’s size which is really convenient. How much are you enjoying it? Hope you’re doing well!

    • I absolutely love my s9600. In fact, I haven’t picked up my Nikon p500 once since I got the s9600… and I LOVED my p500. I may sell the p500, but not sure yet.

      Nikon lover for life! ❤

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