No more wedding/bridesmaid invites

How do you stop getting invites to be a bridesmaid or to attend a wedding?

Be like me. Don’t have IRL friends or boyfriends. That easily solves the dilemma of weddings.


7 thoughts on “No more wedding/bridesmaid invites

  1. Aw. 😦 and (((HUGS)))
    That vid reminds me of one I saw late at night…””. 🐷 I figure that is for persons who want to date a pig! 🐷 *snort* And it made me think of all the dating sights there COULD be like “”…””…eSailor.come”…””,
    Sorry, I’m being weird…just hoping to make you smile. 🙂
    BTW: I love that movie Bridesmaids!!! 😀

    • I’m… meh. I dread my job but I can’t leave it until a new person is added to our team. My sister’s keeping me busy with her wedding planning. I feel bad for having neglected my snail-mail friends and I hope to get some cards or postcards written and sent soon.

      I keep meaning to update my WP but it’s public and I never know what I feel like sharing. 😦


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