Tablets and Data Plans

Wowza, how is it already December 6? :O

For a treat to myself (and thanks to the job perk of mileage reimbursement for every day of work), I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. I figure it would be nice to have during lunch breaks to check emails and my other internet stuff, and play games, and use it during meetings. However, I only have wireless internet at home and this tablet only can use open WiFi networks (at the moment), which is hard to come by at the branches I’ve been in so far.

I’m thinking of getting a data plan, but I have nooooooooo idea how this all works. I have a no-contract (Tracfone) cellphone and I’m still pretty new to all this tablet / data plan / whateverwhatever stuff. Since I can use my “free” wireless while at home, I’m thinking that I won’t need that big of a plan if I am able to choose which network I can use at any time. I think 2gb or 3gb is enough for me.

Does anyone have experience with having data-only plans? Which is the best? I’ve looked at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, and I think AT&T may have the best price (even though I still think $30/month for 3GB is A LOT to pay to use my tablet). Or maybe there are more affordable options out there, I don’t know. But any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

And as someone suggested, I will try to write up a review on this tablet, once I’ve learned a few more things on it 🙂

I hope that everyone’s December has gone off to good starts. I will try to post an update of sorts later this weekend.

Take care!


8 thoughts on “Tablets and Data Plans

  1. We use AT&T. I think it is wise to go to places like Best Buy to see what they have. We sign the 2 year contract so we can upgrade the phones every two years for a reduced price.

    Their 800 service has been good. I think this internet service thing is pricy. Our service includes no limit messaging, etc. We have 10GB However we have 2 cell phones, a PC, I-Pad and Mini-I-Pad on line. It is a little expensive, but I like it.

    Also, many experts on TV caution against using public Wi-Fi like at Starbucks, McD’s, or anywhere since hackers can get in. I have talked to my computer kid and Apple about this and they say they have never heard of a single case of an individual being hacked like that—they are going after major corporations. My wife and I had an Identity Theft claim so she went to the extreme—all cash and no Wi-Fi.

    Good luck

  2. verizon has the best coverage and reliability but tend to run on the higher side for price. i think having a smartphone that can be a hot spot might be a good choice and you can use your wifi at home with it too. i have a 2g plan with verizon and dont even come close to using that. i think you can also just get a hot spot device to work with the tablet. but i am glad you are shopping around. best buy and maybe staples may offer assistance and knowledgeable people to help you make a choice.

  3. I have Verizon and love it.
    I’d love to read a review on your tablet! Glad you were able to buy it!
    You’ve gotten good advice so far!
    I can’t believe how fast Dec. is going already! AUUUUGH!!! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Oooohhh!!! Yes, let us know how it is! I love tablets! 🙂 I especially love being able to read on them. 😉

    Good luck on choosing which network. Here in Manila, there are only 3 telecommunications provider and it makes that choice a hit-or-miss. There’s good and bad in everything and you just gotta choose which bad service you don’t mind dealing with despite what you’re paying.

    December is going well for me. I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping! 🙂

    • My Christmas was relaxing, and I’m glad you had a good Christmas!

      I haven’t posted on Xanga much lately. I’m too busy with work, and when I come home I’m too tired from my stress and anxiety that I can’t focus on anything else. I have a few more months of free Xanga but I certainly won’t stay there when it expires. I want to be on WP more, but I wouldn’t use it as a personal blog and that’s what I enjoy most about Xanga. :-\

      Hope you have a good welcome into 2015 tonight!


      • Sorry to hear work is still stressful. 😦
        Yes, I will miss Xanga. But nothing seems to get better there. And I don’t have time to keep up two sites. As you probably know, you can put your WP site on private so you can chose who you let read it. I have come to enjoy WP as a personal blog site.
        Hope your New Year’s Day is great!!!
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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