Civil War Sass and Skirt Inspo

I’m still trying to figure out this spacing for captions under photos thing. WordPress, I like you, but you’re still a bit frustrating from time to time.


Today I went to a Civil War reenacting event at Hale Farm and Village in Bath, Ohio, with my dad. It was the first event of this kind for either one of us to attend, so it was all new to us and we both really enjoyed ourselves. We got to watch a very informative Fashion Show, see Abe Lincoln give an address, view various items for sale along Sutler’s Row, then watch a reenactment of the Third Battle of Winchester.

And note to self: wear better shoes. I wore my very worn-out runners (I have a hole in my right shoe from a rock puncturing through to my sock) and… well, my right sock is brown from the dirt paths and it also got a hole (I think a new rock made its way up the hole), and the shoe’s hole got a bit bigger 😛 So now I need a new pair of shoes haha. I really thought that I could get a few more months of walking out of them… le sigh

So, how about two photos from today?


?????????? During Abe Lincoln’s address, this Confederate woman kept giving him snarky remarks. She was quite amusing and she was standing in front of me when I finally squeaked my way to the near-front of the crowd. She was happy when I asked if I could get a photo with her, she was really nice! The guy in this photo had given a speech before welcoming Lincoln to the floor, and he got some sass from this lady as well. … and after this photo was taken, they walked off arm-in-arm like friends 🙂 Awww, how sweet! haha


??????????I enjoy sewing and I want to make a nice circle skirt for myself. I really love the red trim pattern on that white dress, and I think I want to replicate it on my next sewing project.


Have you ever been to a historical reenacting event?



12 thoughts on “Civil War Sass and Skirt Inspo

  1. way back when i was just a puppy, my family visited williamsburg and i remember watching some of the events.
    this is cool as we get a photo of you!! 🙂

    • I look like my eyes are closed here -__- haha. My dad wanted me to ask other ladies (especially the white-red lady in Photo 2) to get my photo taken with them but I prefer to be behind my camera. He’s lucky he was able to convince me to ask Sassy Lady for a photo!

      It would be cool to go Williamsburg!

      There will be a huge D-Day event at Conneaut (about a 1.5-hr drive northeast of me) along Lake Erie sometime soon. I may check that one out.

      • years ago i went to washington dc and loved touring the history there as well as the battle sites near where my mom lives in hampton, va. 🙂 see there is another thing we have in common. 🙂

  2. Oh, I want that other dress with the plaid. Awesome.

    I have never been to a historical reenactment but I would totally love to go. I love history and old fashions and I especially love the giant hip skirts of he civil war era.

    • I love that plaid dress as well – but I would hate to try to sew with plaid or any large print! :O

      I love the hoop skirts as well! So graceful. I bet they aren’t that fun to walk in, but I sort of wish that these styles were popular now. They were so much better dressed than what we’ve got going around today.

      Someday I’d love to sew a CW-era dress. Heck, it would even be fun to walk around a reenactment event dressed up. I think I saw some “visitors” dressed in their 1860s finest, who weren’t formally registered with the event. They just walked around and chatted with the sutlers and such haha. And Gettysburg has an annual Ball in November… oh my gosh, it would be AMAZING to attend it!!!

      Let’s make a Xanga meetup at the Gettysburg Ball haha

  3. No, I haven’t ! But, it looks like fun! I’m glad you got to go! Those dresses are amazing! Very Gone with the Wind-ish! 🙂
    HA! I saw a funny comedy sketch once where a woman was wearing one of those dresses and when she sat down on a chair the “hoop” stood up and you couldn’t see her face, but you could see her pantaloons! It was funny! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t think AZ would have any Civil War weekends nearby… but mayyyyyyyybe you could travel to OH or PA? 😀

      Haha I have no idea how those ladies sit down or anything with those hoop skirts on! I’d be afraid to be the doofus who sits down improperly! 😀


  4. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to Hale Farm, and got to see such a variety of dresses that you someday inspire to create. FYI there are 2 Civil War Balls on OHIO on in February and another being put on by a Historical Society group, (AKRON?) I can get the info on each or keep your eyes open for them. Keep learning and being inspired and sharing, Thanks.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      I had no idea that there are two Civil War balls in Ohio! I know of a big one in Gettysburg in November. I would love information on those two balls if you can get them for me! I live in Munroe Falls, so I’m in the Stow-Kent area.

      Also, do you happen to know anyone in the Akron area who could be like a sewing mentor of sorts to me? When I eventually get the budget and a proper sewing room set up to allow for all this (so not for several more months) I would like to hopefully begin sewing a gown. It would be great to work alongside someone who can give me all the pointers and knowledge that I want. I’m a beginner-intermediate level – I’ve sewn quilts, some basic clothing items, and a Slovak folk costume, so I do know the basics and I am a quick learner. It’s been a lifelong goal and dream of mine to someday sew a CW gown for myself and I can’t wait to hopefully fulfil that goal!

      Again, thanks for your comment! If you want to contact me personally with information, my email is

      • Marica, The first of the 2 balls is the Governor David Tod Civil War Ball, Sat November 1 6-10pm to be held in Youngstown OH-
        The second is in February 16th weekend-I do not see the dates yet for next year but here is their FB Page for the Ohio Regimental Military Ball Held in Akron. You will have to search online or at your local Historical Society for who may be reenactors in your area. There are several groups in Ohio, you will have to search around for the ones closest to you to assist you with making your dress and make sure you use appropriate materials. Nothing worse than spending the time to construct it only to find out its not quite right. Hood Luck, and keep learning!

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