Mistakes and regrets (haiku)

Mistakes and regrets
Clutch to me like piercing claws
I’ll never break free


I’ve tried to. I really have. Countless times. But I can never truly forget or move on.


2 thoughts on “Mistakes and regrets (haiku)

  1. I understand this one…I can relate to it.
    I wish you could move on…but I get the not being able to. I don’t know…maybe never truly forgetting helps us not make the same mistakes again.
    What do you think?

  2. Mistakes and regrets surface when there are do’s & don’ts, rules or etc in place, in literal sense! When they are accepted in a formal way.
    However, if there is no writen rules or if there is formal accepted rules. How then would you then say you have made mistake or how would you define a mistake. Mistakes are define by abusing of certain & accepted rules.
    Moreover, how then will we judge or define a mistake if we live in a world where there is no formal rules to follow. Where there is no existence of definite mechanism to put a “bar across”. I mean, literally total outlaw!
    By then, mistakes & regrets does not have any impact, or does nor make any sense at all or does not affect anybody.

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