4 thoughts on “Too many Square Ones (haiku)

  1. The “Square Ones” brings several things to my mind.
    Not sure what meaning it has to you.
    The feeling of being drug down or trapped is a horrible feeling. 😦
    But, I must say, “You are the Haiku Queen!” 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I take “square one” to mean going back to the beginning of a process, having to start all over again.

      Hah, thanks. I’ve been cranking out quite a few haikus the last few days, but admittedly it’s because I’m feeling very low and my haikus come easiest when I’m angry or hurt about something. I wish I had a positive ‘muse’ or something, but my mind isn’t there yet.


      • Yes, that’s what I thought of first..”square one” as in starting all over again.
        Aw, sorry you’ve been feeling low. 😦
        Yes, often poetry comes when we are feeling sad and low. Very rarely do I write a poem when happy. But, my latest poem on the leaves was written when happy. 🙂

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