Opens mouth to speak (haiku)

Opens mouth to speak
But no words escape my lips
Forever trapped in

Expressing my feelings, especially those of liking or even loving? It’s pretty much impossible. My fear of those feelings not being reciprocated to me are too great, and so I hold myself back. I keep telling myself that I need to open up and not be afraid of such things… but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve been let down in other ways so many times that I don’t want to experience it in this way as well.

Maybe someday I won’t be afraid.


3 thoughts on “Opens mouth to speak (haiku)

  1. A very poignant haiku.
    How you feel is very understandable.
    I believe the day will come when you won’t be afraid.
    The right person will be someone you can trust…so you will feel freer to share your thoughts and feelings.

    I have the opposite “condition”…I wear my heart on my sleeve…I say all the words, share all my feelings…and, yes, I’ve gotten hurt…but, it is still my way/who I am…easily letting the words and feelings flow. I guess one of my fears is NOT sharing them, and then wishing I had.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. My wife tries, but she never holds back how she feels. I am the opposite. I guess in the long view of life, you and my wife have made the better choice.

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