Brief Personal Updates

– I turned 25 yesterday.

– My help with my church’s VBS is almost done. Just one day left of decorating on Saturday.

– I have read 13 books so far in 2014. I am currently reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It’s a slow read, only because in the evenings I’m usually watering the vegetable garden and chatting with someone.

– I am halfway through the last season of Lost. Back when it originally aired, I got into the beginning of the 5th (second-to-last) season but then I was in college and I hardly ever thought about my TV. So now I’m in new territory. I can’t wait to see how this all ends. If you want to know who my fave characters are, they are Sawyer and Ben Linus.

– This summer I am growing a few varieties of hot peppers and some Brussels Sprouts. I enjoy seeing them grow and develop.

– I am very slow to post here. Blah. Sorry.


6 thoughts on “Brief Personal Updates

  1. You should give me some advice about how to know when peppers are done. My boyfriend’s new house has Jalapeño and cayenne peppers growing (which neither of us eat; we plan to give them away) but I’m not sure how to tell when they’re ready. The cayenne are a decent size, but not sure if they’re pick able. Possible his mom might give us some advice.

    Happy Birthday, again. 🙂

    • I personally eat my peppers while they’re still green and crisp, but when they’re just beginning to take on the new color (like when they get a stripe of purple so that I know they will be hot… not sure about Jalapenos, but that’s what happens with one variety of Cayennes we grow). They’re supposed to be fully mature when they’re red, but I think a good portion of chili-eaters like their peppers green. Feel them and if they’re firm and not feel like they’re empty inside, then they’re good for picking. You could sell them fresh and they can keep in a fridge for like three days, or you can try your hand at pickling/canning them. We can most of our peppers, but I personally don’t care much for them when prepared that way because they lose much of their spiciness in that pickling, and I have an addiction to spicy food.

      You could also chop them up and put them into fresh salsa… OH LORD, FRESHLY-MADE SALSA.

      Shit. Now I’m reallllllly craving salsa and chilies now.

      I’m currently growing Thai Hot (I guess it’s like a Cayenne?), Habanero, Serrano del Sol, and an odd variety that my dad got from a coworker. The Serrano is supposedly “preferred over Jalapenos”… I don’t know what that means, but it’s a new kind to me so I will see what it’s like. Maybe I should write a post once harvest-time comes and compare-contrast my peppers.

      If you take a picture of your plants currently, I can try to guess how far along you are.

  2. Happy Birthday! I have read only 9 books. Right now I’m working on Rules of Civility. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I could never really get into Lost, but I enjoyed many other shows.

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