You asked, and I answered

A few posts ago I let you ask me any questions, and now I’m finally getting to answering them.


First, a question by soarintothefuture:

1 – If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what food would you choose?
Oh man. I have a lot of favorite dishes so it’s pretty tough! Maybe a Czech beef goulash or a chicken curry; I’m trying to think of a dish that has a variety of ingredients haha. 


Humor_Me_Now had a question:

2 – What was your biggest success and failure in life?
Success – Hmm. Maybe a viable business plan that I created for my entrepreneurship class in college; it did well enough to award me $500 as a top-scoring plan. I’d also say that my four years in my small textbook business was my pride and joy, despite the loads of stress it gave me.
Failure – I’d say that I’ve had many big failures. My failed attempt to move to Prague in September 2012 was perhaps my biggest failure, though. It was something that I had wanted so badly, but I didn’t last for long. I still heavily regret giving up.


doesitevenmatter3 had a few questions:

3 – What book has impacted your life the most? Why?
A few books have always lingered in my mind, but I’ll share one to keep this post at a decent size.
Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” weighed so heavily on my mind and heart for several days after I finished it. I won’t share what it was that I felt about the book, but I was thinking about the book nonstop in that time and I still think about it from time to time now. I highly recommend the book to everyone. I also highly suggest Atwood’s other books, especially her “Oryx and Crake” trilogy.

4 – If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’ve already been to my favorite city as of yet, Prague, so I won’t use it as my answer here. I’d probably say the Siberian region as I love the cold and I want to see the immense vastness of that area. If I had to choose an American location, I guess I’d choose Salt Lake City as I’ve seen gorgeous photos of the city and I’ve heard wonderful things about it. … I’d have to go there in the cooler months, though 😛

5 – What/who is your favorite band/singer?
At this moment I’ll choose Gin Blossoms, Backstreet Boys, The Eagles, Kino (Soviet-era rock), and Il Divo (international operatic-pop). I’ll actually be seeing Il Divo in concert for the second time next month, in Akron.


Big thanks for the questions!


2 thoughts on “You asked, and I answered

  1. Thanks for your answers. Life is full and it offers us many experiences–some wanted and many unwanted. lol You are doing well.

    I am old guy and I say try to enjoy life as best you can—it is way too short. lol I now really love birthdays. lol


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