To be good enough (haiku)

To be good enough
Only thing she wants to be
But who’ll deem her such?


The fear of not being good enough is perhaps my most crippling fear.


4 thoughts on “To be good enough (haiku)

  1. You ARE good enough!!!
    To me.
    But, I imagine you want that validation from a special HIM.
    Some day he will tell you and show you that you are valuable and precious.
    Weird…I wrote a post about not being good enough…about me feeling that way…but I chickened out and didn’t post it.

  2. The fear of not being good enough is a tough one to deal with. I think a lot of us struggle with that in some shape or form at some time in our lives. I’ve definitely struggled with it, and it has held me back in life at various times.

    I think one key is to find the strength within to be satisfied with ourselves, warts and all. When we are able to do that, then I think the right people will be drawn to us. And I agree with the first two commenters! You’re more than good enough!! You’re a very special person, indeed! ^_^V

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