Two weeks ago I was strolling around Lake Anna in Barberton (southwest of Akron) trying to kill some time and there were so many geese around! Here’s an amusing photo I was able to capture. Hah. Silly squawking goose.

Hope everyone is well.

11 thoughts on “Squawk

  1. I love this capture! Great shot!! It makes you wonder what the goose is squawking about? Maybe it was having a fowl day, haha! :p

    • Blogger isn’t letting me comment on your blog! 😦 But I wanted to say that I really liked your poem and of course you know what I’ve been feeling lately… or, well, for the last few years.

      Now just be sure to blog more frequently so that we can stay in touch more often! 😉

      HAH! Fowl day! 😀

  2. That’s weird about Blogger, but I’m glad you liked the poem! You are right about blogging, as I’ve backslid big time in that regard, but you definitely motivate me to blog more. I was so inspired by your sharing of this wonderful photo, that I just made an entry on my blog sharing an old photo I took back in October. Hope you like it, and smile because you’re beautiful! 😉

    Also, I’m glad you got a kick out of “fowl day”, haha! 😀 It’s always a pleasure to talk to you, and I hope you have a terrific Thursday!!

      • Glad you enjoyed the picture! Her expression was funny, haha! 😀

        That is so weird about Blogger, especially since I’ve been able to get two comments on there from one of my other friends. I guess Blogger’s just being a butthead to you.

        Oh well, at least we can share comments on here now! 😉

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