Turkish Coffee


I’m surprised that I’ve never written a proper post about Turkish coffee, in all the years I’ve been blogging. Shame on me!

Turkish coffee has to be my all-time favorite coffee to drink. If it were quick and easy to make, I’m pretty sure I’d be drinking this every day. But, alas, I have it maybe once a month.

Turkish coffee is well-loved in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe. You can actually use any kind of bean and flavor to make Turkish coffee, as this is really just a different method of preparation. Buy whole beans at your local grocery store, and find the “Turkish” setting on the grinder. It will be an incredibly fine grind. If your supermarket has a good international section, or you’re lucky to have an imports store in your area (I have a Middle Eastern store), you can buy already-ground coffee. Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey are probably the countries you’ll find selling these coffees and being decently available in the US.

You need a special type of vessel to cook Turkish coffee, called a Cezve (or Dzezva, or other variant in spelling/language). It has a flat, wide bottom, which narrows at the top. There’s a bit of a spout, and there’s a long handle. You can also use a small normal saucepan.

(not my Cezve; found on Google Images)

What may surprise and perhaps gross out some Turkish coffee newbies is that there’s “dirt” at the bottom of the cup; this is the excess grounds. But, here’s a fun tidbit: these grounds were traditionally used to tell fortunes! I don’t know much about tasseography, but it would be a lot of fun to learn about someday. So keep it in mind while drinking your coffee; your fortune could be lying at the bottom of your cup! 🙂

Traditionally, little demitasse cups are used for drinking this coffee… but if you love it as much as I do, then you make a big mug! (I like to refer to it as “Turkish Coffee Americano” haha.) These demi cups hold approximately 3 ounces.

So let’s get on to making some Turkish coffee!

You will need:
– Turkish-ground coffee
– Sugar
– Demitasse cup
– Cezve, or a small saucepan

1. Use your demi cup to measure the water, if you are using demi cups. If you would like a coffee mug of this coffee, it’s equivalent to about 3 demi cups. Measure cold water into your Cezve.

2. Add your coffee. Per demi cup, add 1 to 2 heaping teaspoonfuls of coffee (for one mug, I measured 5 heaping spoons). Also, add one level teaspoon of sugar per demi cup (for the mug, I used a bit under 3). Stir with spoon very well.

3. Place your Cezve on the stove at medium heat. Do not stir your coffee while it’s cooking. A thick foam will rise to the top; do not let this overflow.

4. Once the foam has risen, remove from heat, and divide the foam evenly among your cups. Return the Cezve to the stove for a few seconds, until it foams again. Pour your coffee into each cup.

Of course, you can adjust your coffee and sugar to your likings after you’ve tried this ratio.

UPDATE, 5 May 2014: I made a mug of coffee using Chocolate Raspberry coffee beans at my local market. The beans are sweet enough on their own due to the infused flavors, so for one mug I used 5 spoons of coffee and 1 spoon of sugar. Even then it was a bit too sweet, but I don’t care for really sweet Turkish coffee.

?????????? Mixing the coffee and water

?????????? I absolutely ADORE my demi cup and saucer! It’s actually an authentic replica of Titanic’s 1st Class china. My mom got this for me as a birthday gift while we toured a Titanic artifact exhibit in Cleveland last year. Someday I would love to own a service-for-four complete set of this china! I know there are dinner plates, dessert plates, and soup bowls with this pattern.

?????????? Aaaand this is how I normally drink my Turkish coffee – in a mug! This is my awesome peacock-inspired mug that I got for Christmas.

Any other questions? Please feel free to ask in a comment below. And if you give Turkish coffee a try, let me know what you think of it!



6 thoughts on “Turkish Coffee

  1. I’ve never had Turkish coffee!
    I’ll check to see if my supermarket carries it!
    This was informative and fun to read!
    I love your Titanic replica cup and saucer! Cool!
    Oh and your peacock mug is da’ bomb!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Oh I’ve tried it. But it seems to me that I am kind of sensitive to caffeine now so I would definitely not be having it in a mug. Enjoy! Your demitasse cup is beautiful! What a nice cup to enjoy your Turkish coffee in 🙂

    • Haha. Yeah, I guess Turkish coffee could be a bit too much for some people 😀

      Oh I’m most certainly treasuring my cup and saucer for the rest of my life. It’s so elegant and pretty! Can’t go wrong with cobalt, gold, and white 🙂

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