Photo Dump, 13 Jan 2014

Oh hey, first photo dump of 2014!

???????????????????????????????  1. A girl from my church sent me this drawing and note.

??????????????????????????????? 2. A view down my street.

??????????????????????????????? 3. A view into my church’s sanctuary.

??????????????????????????????? 4. The Advent wreath.

??????????????????????????????? 5. I finally own the complete Lost series! And “The Dictator”. Am I terrible for loving that movie?

??????????????????????????????? 6. I got a Teatanic tea infuser, loose-leaf tea, and a new peacock-inspired mug for Christmas.

??????????????????????????????? 7. Sunset one evening; I like the itty-bitty moon in the sky.

??????????????????????????????? 8. Zlata in the snow during one of our walks. Isn’t she precious??

??????????????????????????????? 9. Snowy tree. I love snow.

??????????????????????????????? 10. A selection of this winter’s cookie-baking.

??????????????????????????????? 11. Homemade peanut-butter bars, this time with Rice Crispies mixed in. Mmm, delicious!

??????????????????????????????? 12. Last glimpse of sunlight.


4 thoughts on “Photo Dump, 13 Jan 2014

  1. Aw on the peacock drawing and sweet words! 🙂

    Ha! I love The Dictator! I love anything Sacha Baron Cohen does! 😀

    What a beautiful group of friends! 🙂

    And Zlata is precious! Glad she has her coat on! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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