Your First Date

A poll of sorts:

When did you go on your first date, and what did you do on that date?

I’ve never been on an actual date, so I’m curious to know what other peoples’ experiences are.


6 thoughts on “Your First Date

  1. Now that is… an interesting story. I have to say- I don’t know and I can’t say. I’ll write it down as a topic for a more complete blog later. Essence of the story is “dating” was a rather murky topic growing up. Looking back I may have had several “dates” but it was rare for both parties to think of it that way at the same time.

  2. my first date must have been back in high school and it must have been to a movie. but i do remember going to school dances back in jr. high so maybe that would be my first date.
    i am not sure what you consider an “actual date”. to me if someone has asked to do something together, i would consider that a date. if you are thinking a dinner/movie sort of thing, then i can see that being a “date”. i have done things like go to a museum, or car races, or putt putt golf or just to the book store and coffee later a date. even driving around looking at xmas decorations a date.

    • Movie, dinner, visit a museum, mini golf, walk in a park – those are sorts of things that I would consider a date, and when it’s asked if you want to do something together with the possible intention of a dating relationship. I guess I imagine a defined “want to go on a date?” proposition as making the activity a date.

  3. My first actual one-on-one date (I’d been on group dates before that) was when I was fifteen. (He was my first love and after we broke up, we remained best friends through college graduation. After graduation we went to different states for grad school and lost touch. 😦 ) When I was 15, he invited me to go to a mutual friend’s party. Our next date was to a movie and dinner. Then, etc.
    (I find it interesting that of all the guys I dated, I still dream about him most often. Sigh.)
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. My first dates were kind of “let’s hang out tonight” where we would frequent the usual places. When I was younger and nervous, I used to rely on the movies for a good first date. Limited talk and a topic (the movie) to discuss after. As I got older I discovered that dinner made a good first date because it allowed for conversation without feeling pressed to talk constantly. A good way to get to know your date better.

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