How ’bout some new stuff?

1. I’m hoping to begin what could be the biggest sewing project I will ever undertake – making a Civil War gown. It’s been a bit of a dream of mine to attend one of those reenactment balls; I know that Gettysburg has one in November, and I currently live about 5 hours away from there. I most likely wouldn’t finish my gown by then, but I could certainly try for 2015. I’m trying to gather design ideas and numbers for sewing patterns at the moment, but if I do begin my project I will chronicle it here. Perhaps I can have a Page that provides links / a timeline for my project.

2. I’m also thinking of sharing my postcard collection here a bit more, like maybe once a week post photos of that week’s postcards. And, as always, I’m looking for people to help me gather postcards from every country and US state. Please look at my “I collect postcards!” page at the top.

3. Hmm. Maybe I can share some new photos here as well at some point in the near future.

4. I’ve also got a few recipes to share.

Hope everyone has a nice day.


5 thoughts on “How ’bout some new stuff?

  1. Whoah a Civil War gown! That sounds like an exciting project, Marica!

    I’ve never heard of a postcard collection before. It’s not common here in my country.

    I’m having an okay day. Reading your and Nicole’s blogs just made me feel a little bit more human.

    • I am a member of a website called Postcrossing ( and you exchange postcards with random people throughout the world. I actually discovered my Croatian Pen Pal, Hrvoje, on there 🙂 It’s a lot of fun, despite postage costs rising.

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