I can’t take it anymore!!

cover page funny


This is the top of my Facebook page.

(Oops, was too lazy to scratch out my last name. Whatevs, since not many people view this blog.)

I thought that my avatar and the cover photo were funny together. Maybe you can’t read the tiny caption on my avatar, but it says “Marica can’t take it anymore!!”. To me the facial expression and caption seemed funny when it appears that “I” am looking at Rhett and Scarlett in a romantic embrace.

Hmm. Other share-worthy things…

I’m slowly trying to figure out my Christmas gifts to a few people (even though there’s *gasp* nine days left and time’s a-tickin’). Supposedly we may not have a White Christmas in the Akron area next week, which stinks because I LOVE SNOW. I’m trying to find a church for Christmas Eve to explore; I’m serving as the Deacon at my church’s 5pm service, but I much prefer candlelit services for this holiday and I’d love to find a more High Church place than what I normally attend.

Hope everyone is well.


6 thoughts on “I can’t take it anymore!!

  1. I love your avatar combined with THAT photo! 😀 I mighta’ said “Marica doesn’t give a damn (or a darn) anymore!” Playing off the Rhett Butler quote, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” Apparently it was the first time a swear word was used in a movie. Ha. 😀
    I only have a few Christmas gifts left to buy. And two to ship.
    Aw, on no white Christmas. 😦 I like a white Christmas.
    It’s in the 60’s here now… it warmed up!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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