2018 Reading: Books 22-24

A 1960s high school experiment, a children’s classic, and a woman with a very… interesting… life in the 17th century – my next three books of 2018.

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I’m going to Washington, DC in November!

When I started my new job in April, I was excited to learn that I would have almost two weeks for vacation this year – woohoo! Naturally, the next question to come to mind was “so what do I do with those days?”

I first thought about a week in London in October or November to ease me back to traveling abroad (it’s been six years since I last traveled abroad), but traveling alone (which I had done before) doesn’t appeal to me much anymore. I really want to travel with another person, because I want to be able to share memories and experiences with someone instead of having it only to myself and not having that connection. But I will build myself up to traveling alone again, and with a longer time of saving money, I will plan to travel to London next year in April or early May.

In October, my full week off from work, will be spent as a staycation – but I’ll get some retail therapy done in that week, as well as craft to my heart’s content for an upcoming craft show. I’ll also get to spend time with my baby nephew, so that will be nice.

Since I am postponing London, I still wanted to go somewhere this year… so how about our nation’s capital! And, to make it even better, a neighbor will be going with me – we were chatting about my vacation goals about two weeks ago, and when I mentioned that I was taking a long weekend off in November to go to Washington DC alone, she offered to come along with me! We will be going on Veterans Day weekend (Thursday through Monday).

And now, my dear readers…

I’d love some suggestions for sightseeing (like maybe some lesser-known spots), dining, etc in Washington, DC. I would also greatly appreciate hints and other suggestions for our stay in the city. I want to plan a visit to the White House, and I read online that there’s a process to schedule a visit and whatnot. Later this week my neighbor and I are meeting to choose our hotel and our travel to/from DC (I don’t want to drive there and we’re both fine with walking everywhere in the city).

Thank you in advance for your help and ideas! 🙂