I haven’t been here in a really long while…

Jeepers! I haven’t posted here since late April… so that’s what, three months?

I have just recently ended four months of mandatory overtime at work. When I came home during that time, all I wanted to do is either read or veg out in front of the TV or internet browsing stupid things (don’t worry, I read almost every day!). My birthday was earlier this month and for a gift I was able to take some baking courses which were fabulous. I also bought a pool membership at a local pool, so I’ve been trying to get some days of swimming and sun.

I am also on the lookout for two important purchases soon, one of which is a new camera. I will be selling my Nikon d3400 (I never got around to learning all of the DSLR stuff and a point-and-shoot is much easier to carry while traveling) and my Nikon Coolpix s9600 is 6.5 years old and during my regular rotation of upgrading my tech stuff I think that camera is next in line. I’d like a camera which has a swivel back screen for more angle possibilities. I’m thinking of a Nikon a1000 or Nikon a900 because I’ve loved my Nikons, but I’m wondering if I want to try breaking away from Nikon (after having their cameras for almost 15 years) and explore something else. It’s a tough choice!

Today I started Book #34 (yeah, I’m *that* behind) so I know I need to get posting. I planned on posting this weekend, but yesterday I was way too engrossed in Book #33 and today was my church’s picnic and those “book-review” posts take a good amount of time to write (mainly because my memory stinks and it takes me a long time to remember the books haha).

So to slightly make up for my long absence, here are three desserts I recently made. The first is a “banana split” cake I made in June: funfetti cake, banana buttercream, sprinkles, chocolate fudge sauce, maraschino cherries, banana chips, and waffle cone pieces. The second is from my first baking class, where we made French macarons (mine were peach flavor). The third is from my second baking class, where we made an Opera Cake (almond joconde cake layers soaked in a coffee syrup, French buttercream, and ganache).

I think it’s supposed to be rainy this coming Saturday, and since I don’t have much planned for the weekend it will be a good opportunity to get some of my recent reads tackled in some posts.

I hope everyone is well.

– Marica