Dirty lenses make for interesting effects!

I usually take my book-selfies (for my book reviews) on Sundays, when I look halfway decent. So as I was starting off with my picture-taking yesterday, my lighting and dusty camera lens gave me this unintentionally cool photo:

(And now you sort of know what I’m currently reading [although you can’t tell which other stories are included in this particular book])

I wish I had taken a sans-book selfie in this position; I like the effect!



Tutorial: Advent Candle Wreath

The time between now and Christmas Day is crazy with all sorts of activities, but I feel that many people lose sight of what Christmas is truly about; I wanted to start a new tradition to help me keep the focus on Christ. Since I knew that Advent wreaths are also designed for home/family use, and not just in churches, I wanted one of my own.

And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make something… so here I am with another craft project!

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